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Sanger has been building boats since 1954 with an uncompromising craftsmanship and performance with warranties and smiles that last a lifetime.  Sanger boats has building top performance boats for longer than most of our competitors. Todays Sanger is a top notch Surf, Wakeboard and Ski boat, yet the price won’t break the bank.

Sanger History

Sanger Boats, Inc., founded by Jack Davidson, was established in 1954.  Jack built his first 14-foot wooden boat from the instructions in a magazine at the age of 16. In Berkeley, CA , in 1958, Jack set a record at the speed of 118 mph. In 1961, Jack built a 17 foot glass boat called the “White Mist”. This boat was well known on the water during the early 60's. By the mid 60's, Jack was making various racing accessories and designed a forged steel propeller.  1965 was the year Jim Ramsey raced the first “Climax”, which was a Sanger shovel nose hydro model.  In 1969, Jack moved his business to Fresno, California and built a plant on 10 acres of land right off Highway 99, where it still stands today. In 1972, in Oakland, California, Larry Schwabenland won the fastest clocked blown-fueler on the ¼ mile course at 205 m.p.h. After this record setting run, Jack became an icon of the boat racing industry. Sanger race boats were the boat of choice for many in the industry. In 1979, due to the changing economy, the boat industry became depressed and Sanger shifted gears into family boating in the 1980's. Learn more about Sanger's History HERE!

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